Coloring Books for Adults

I help clients create the artwork for their books, in addition to self-publishing “zines” (short for magazines) about my globe-trotting adventures. Additionally, Dino Does Yoga, available in Spanish, English and Japanese was written and illustrated by me, and is available for purchase. 

Join me on a shallow dive through some of my favorite (and probably true) conspiracy theories. $10, ships internationally.
This hand made, illustrated book will teach you all you want to know – and more – about lovely Sebastopol, California! 24 pages of colorful illustrations, clever games and quizzes will enchant and inspire inspiration.
Follow along on an epic, ancient trail from West to East. This zine recounts the mighty journey, once frequented by the Oriental Express train, across Europe.
Discover Panamá, a tiny, delicious country bridging worlds. This 24 page zine is filled with Panamanian recipes, Spanish slang, and colorful illustrations.
Based off a first-hand account of India, this zine hails from the subcontinent without a trace of curry. Just kidding! Opening this volume you will learn about Indian cuisine, Hindu gods and deities, and read about the various joys and perils that thrive in the Indian sun.
Join Bucky the rescued street dog and his sidekick Hurley as they embark on several illustrated adventures throughout the pandemic – from stealing giant balls of cheese to learning the meaning of the word ‘ration’.
Color San Miguel de Allende, a historic city in central Mexico situated on a bed of crystals.
Dino Does Yoga book signed by the author (price does not include shipping)

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