3D Interior Art Design

Our homes and everyday spaces provide not only a physical but a psychological sanctuary — a place not only to decompress but a space in which to dream, imagine and play. My mission in the 3D art realm is to create objects that provide the sensorial/visual experiences and input to nourish and inspire.
Japanese Geisha print-it-yourself coloring poster. Order for just $3.
Naturally dyed cow leather, handmade in Mexico 50cm x 50cm $599 USD



Living Room


Delicious Cotton Semi Shag Rug

Shag Rug For Sale

Dante C

UpWork client

The Equality Education

Lindsay Kroneengold, Penguin Random House published author

Salima Manji

Sekou Kaba, Professor

Upwork Client


Akil Marshall, CEO Winning in America education group