From commissioned picture books with heart-warming characters to intricate adult coloring books and designs for woven carpets, I create art in order to inspire and spark curiosity. I love retelling my travel stories through collages of an Istanbul night scene, teaching yoga poses with silly characters leading the way, and finding new ways to express the lines of the human body.

Print Screening


I create coloring books for adults with intricate line work; playful colors and shapes; graphic novels and more. I love the shape of the human body and finding new ways to express it.

Books and Zines

I am passionate about books of all kinds! I illustrate children’s books, coloring books for kids and adults, and small pieces for adult non-fiction books. In 2019 I wrote and illustrated Dino Does Yoga, which is published with North Atlantic Books, Berkeley and distributed with Penguin Random House. I self-publish zines and comic books about my world travels, spanning 53 countries, and other curiosities.

Yoga Kids

Yoga is a powerful, ancient tool to quiet the mind and control emotions. It is essential for children to learn these valuable skills, for the years to come! After studying the ancient tradition of yoga asanas, pranayamas, and meditation techniques in India, I decided to share my yogic knowledge. This has expanded into a fun program where kids have the chance to learn, play, and listen to their own bodies! Contact me if you’re interested in learning more, or would like to be part of a class!

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